Guest Policies

General Information
  • All pets must be in good general health to lodge, train, play or visit The Lodge Luxury Boarding Retreat. All guests will have a pre-entry exam before settling into their suite. The Lodge is staffed for special care and are able to handle geriatric pets.
  • Prior to participating in group play or Doggie Day Camp, pets must be spayed or neutered if older than 8 mos. and pass a Camper Compatibility evaluation. Approved pets may have social privileges suspended if their behavior changes and they become aggressive or dominant.
  • The Lodge Luxury Boarding Retreat offers discounts for multiple dogs or cats, from the same family, sharing accommodations.
    For the safety of all pets and visitors, customers’ pets are required to be on leash and under control (or in a carrier) at all times on the property.
  • We encourage you to transfer any medications from a glass container to a plastic container. Please have all prescription medication in their original containers with the proper prescription label.

Prior to a pet’s arrival, The Lodge Luxury Boarding Retreat must have a current vaccination record or receipt from a licensed veterinarian indicating that the vaccinations meet the following requirements:


Annual or 3-year Rabies (after vaccine at 1 year of age), depending on vet documentation
Distemper/Parvo booster at 1 year and every year after.
Bordetella every 6 months

A current NEGATIVE Intestinal Parasite Exam

Because we are putting them in a higher risk situation being in a boarding facility, we ask for ALL guests to be vaccinated accordingly for the health and safety of themselves and others.

We give a flea prevention to each guest, to eliminate the possibility of fleas. There is an $3.00 charge for this. If you choose to give your pet his/her flea prevention in the presence of our team, this charge will not be added to your invoice.


Annual (after vaccination at 1 year of age), depending on vet documentation
Annual Feline Distemper (FVRCP) combo


You may check your pet in anytime during business hours. During peak times, some suites may not become available until 11 am. In this case, early arrivals may be placed in another enclosure or suite until their suite becomes available.


The Lodge Luxury Boarding Retreat is much like a hotel. Check-out for all guests is by 5:00 p.m., since pets arriving in the afternoon may be booked into the same suites. Any pet checked out after 5:00 p.m. will be charged for an additional day, since we will be unable to reserve the suite for another guest. Any pet scheduled to depart by 5:00 p.m. that is unable to be picked up, may be moved to less spacious accommodations to make room for arriving pets.

EXCEPT ON SUNDAY. We are open 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. on Sunday

Holiday Hours

Please keep in mind that we are closed on certain holidays throughout the year and guests will be unable to check in or check out on those dates. While our business offices are closed, animal care staff is operating as normal.

Meal Information

We highly recommend providing your pets’ normal diet during their stay at our resort. This will help with any pets who may have a sensitive stomach and help them to feel at home. Please “Pre-Bag” and label their food for each meal. If their morning feeding is different than their evening feeding, please label AM or PM.  This helps to make sure they receive the same measurements as that would at home.

Feeding time is mid-morning for those pets fed once a day and additionally in the late evening for those requesting twice a day meals. Arrangements can be made if your pet is on a specific feeding schedule or has special requirements.

It is recommended you limit the amount of food you provide your pet on the day of admission due to the natural excitement your pet may experience upon arrival at The Lodge. Likewise, food and water should be limited for the first hour or two after your pet arrives home. This will allow your pet ample time to settle down.

We proudly offer Purina Veterinary Diet EN recipe as our house food. Our dog recipe is Purina Veterinary Diet EN (dry) and our cat recipe is Purina Veterinary Diet EN.

*You may request canned food in the same formula for an additional fee, please inquire if you are interested*.


All of our accommodations come standard with room service, soothing music, comfortable beds and clean, climate-controlled surroundings.  They will have sanitized dishes, freshly laundered bedding and safe, clean elimination yards.

The Lodge’s Bedding, Food & Water Dishes are all-included in suite pricing. Guests are encouraged to bring a few items from home such as Treats, Toys and Blankets to make their pet(s) feel more at home.

Multiple Family Members

The Lodge Luxury Boarding Retreat offers discounts for multiple dogs or cats, from the same family, sharing accommodations.

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